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the results for the contest i held a month ago, Equine housing, are finally out, and these are the top "three" winners.

--> Bryal and ColorfulBrony win with 38 points BOTH.

--> Sparkler99 won second place with 35.

those are the final results everyone. but even if you didn't win anything, please know you guys all did amazingly well, no matter what score you got, all those PIRLs are amazin achievements and only help add more to this wonderful realm of artistic digitalmanipulation. you can check out the final point score for each one in the first link along with my comments and votes, and colorfulBrony's comments and scoring as well in the second.
[if bryal wants to go make a of his votes, that's his choice, otherwise they aren't available]

please do not go yelling at me or the voters if you felt they voted unfairly, we all have our reasons, however if you wish to talk to one of us concerning our choices, or heck, just want to talk to us, go right ahead and note us or write a comment.

now, regarding PRIZES....

technically, i have very little to offer, but hey, i promised prizes, and so i thought up of some.

and here they are: take your pick on what you want. i'll note you as well. i realize that they are somewhat redundant, being that these all ARE PIRLs already, meaning we are all artists, but heck, these are what i came up with, they'll have to do.

First place: a special drawing in my art style of any pony character you want, canon or OC, OR, a personal PIRL fully decided by you made by me.

Second place: a special drawing in my art style of a pony in the show, OR a personal PIRL in which you can give me a photo you took and i will make a PIRL from it no matter what it is.

there is technically no third place, since the three top winners are already in the first two ranks.

Well, there you have it! those are the results! i realize that it might seem like sometimes the same people always seem to get the most attention, but really, we are all there to support new artists and all develop our own new skills. we will always be there to give you the best advice we can, and are always glad to see new artists coming out, bright and budding and slowly maturing ino great artists. as for now, go get excited for ColorfulBrony's new contest as well, check it out over here:…
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(Current Icon base image by *supernatural90 :iconsupernatural90: )

This is the Ponies 2 Life group page, Duh, We take Ponies, from the hit show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and apply them to the real world this is also known as "Breaking The Forth Wall" or interacting with the viewers, Pinkie Pie can be seen doing this on multiple occasions.

1.Any and all art is accepted (But the ones mentioned in Can'ts)
2. Hand drawn Ponies (For custom posing)
3. Copyright backgrounds allowed (If properly credited)

1.No P.I.V.G. (Ponies in Video Games)
2.No pornographic photos(this shall be defined as Rule 34 and nudity)


everywhere by prince-sheikah

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